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Discounts: AAA membership/roadside assistance

Two of our personal automobile insurance carriers offer credit on your policy for having a roadside assistance plan:

Commerce Insurance offers two ways to save with a AAA membership:

  • Combines with Loyalty years for a discount (depends on years with Commerce and years with AAA membership).
  • Adds the AAA Member Package Endorsement to your policy at no cost ($20 value to purchase the similar Enhancer Endorsement).  This endorsement adds coverage to your policy not usually included on a personal auto policy, including:
    • Additional $30/day rental coverage on top of the limit you already purchased.
    • Mobile phone replacement up to $200 if damaged in a collision.
    • Laptop/Tablet Computer replacement up to $1,000 if damaged in a collision.
    • Replacement cost for personal belongings up to $250 – no deductible applies.
    • Pet Injury Coverage up to $500 if hurt and/or killed in a collision.
    • Replacement Cost Coverage for new vehicle for first year of ownership.
    • Commerce AAA Package Endorsement Here is the full endorsement for review.

Travelers Insurance offers the Roadside Assitance Program: 5% off comprehensive & collision coverages.  Qualifying roadside assistance programs are those which:

  • Are purchased at a fair market value, independent of the vehicle purchase transaction.
  • Provide roadside services and towing assistance throughout the Continental United States.

Essesentially, Travelers recognizes programs like, but not limited to, AAA.

If you purchase a roadside assistance plan and have your auto policy with Commerce or Travelers, contact us with the information so we can add the discount to your policy on your next renewal.

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