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Discounts: Accident Forgiveness

Arbella Insurance offers an ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS ENDORSEMENT for $45/year to QUALIFYING insureds.  The surcharge points for one at-fault accident will be forgiven – you will not need to pay for those points.  A summary of the endorsement (please read the entire endorsement by clicking on the link above):

  • All listed Experienced Operators (licensed 6+ years) must have a perfect driving record – an SDIP of 99.
    • Includes Deferred and Excluded drivers.
    • Policies with inexperienced operators may qualify, though only experienced SDIP 99 operators are eligible for the forgiveness.
  • The endorsement must be added before the at-fault accident.
    • If an accident is forgiven, the endorsement must be kept on the policy – and the fee paid – until the surchage points go away.
    • If the insured removes the endorsement the surcharge points will be added back onto the policy.
  • The operator is driving the vehicle(s) listed on the policy.
  • The policy is in good standing.
  • Accident Forgiveness can only be added on the policy effective date – policy start date or on renewal.
  • No moving violations are eligible for forgiveness.
  • Only one accident will be forgiven at a time, regardless of the number of at-fault accidents that occur.
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