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Homeowner’s Insurance is one of the most important policies you can purchase. It not only covers your property, but it also covers liability issues.

Under a home insurance policy, your property is covered against “perils”. Such events can be fires, theft, vandalism etc.  The liability coverage in these policies generally covers legal responsibility for incidents that may occur which is usually injury and/or property damage that may occur to others.

Flood, earthquake and damage due to lack of maintenance and/or poor maintenance is not usually covered on a home insurance. Please contact us to talk about this further.

There are a number of endorsements that can be added to your policy to enhance the coverages. Please let us know if you have questions about endorsements to your policy.

A home is possibly the biggest investment you make, make sure it is covered properly. It’s always a good idea to use an agent that you can trust and that will review your policy with you to make sure you understand what you have for coverage.

Having your home and auto insurance with Benevento Insurance Agency can provide a discount to both policies. Contact us for a quote.

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Auto insurance is a great way to protect your vehicle and to protect you from financial loss.

Auto insurance can cover your vehicle against damage, such as collision coverage or comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage-is the part of the policy that covers your automobile for damage when a covered vehicle collides with another vehicle or object. There is usually a deductible that applies to Collision coverage if you are at fault or if you cannot provide information on party that was at fault.

Comprehensive coverage-is also known as “other than collision”. This coverage refers to damages to a covered vehicle by fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and this is where you get your glass coverage. In most cases there is no deductible for glass, but there is usually a deductible of your choosing for all other comprehensive claims.

In order to be protected as best you can it is necessary to purchase more coverage than the state minimum requirements. Please contact us if you would like to review your coverage.

There are many discounts available for auto insurance including Good drivers, good students, low mileage, AAA membership, Anti-theft device, owning a home, and more are added all the time.

At Benevento Insurance we want to make sure you pay the lowest possible amount while providing the coverage that you need. We can search all of our carriers to see who is the best company for you.

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Business insurance needs can be very different depending on the type of business you own. One thing business insurance can do is help you hold onto to the business that you have worked so hard to build.

Knowing what types of policies are a fit for your particular business is where Benevento Insurance comes in. One of the professionals at Benevento Insurance can help you determine what policies you need.

Most companies need property and liability insurance. Workers Compensation is mandatory in Massachusetts.

Some other policies for you to consider are: Commercial Auto, Business Interruption, Life and Disability, Directors and Officers coverage, Errors and Omission/ Professional liability, and more…

You work so hard to make your business successful, its very important that you protect your business and yourself.

Contact us today to talk about your business insurance needs and to get a quote.


We offer many different plans for Life and Health Insurance. We can only offer Health insurance to businesses, but we can offer Life insurance to businesses and individuals.

Contact us to talk about your Life and Health Insurance needs.

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