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Unpaid Pay By Plate MA Invoices (Former Tobin Bridge Violations)

Unpaid Pay By Plate MA Invoices (Former Tobin Bridge Violations)

Back in June of last year, MassDOT announced that they had begun using an All Electronic Tolling (AET) system on the Tobin Bridge.  Last summer, motorists no longer had to stop or slow down to pay their Tobin Bridge toll. Cameras and technology, necessary to collect tolls at the posted speed limit were put in place as motorists exit the Tobin Bridge to Rutherford Ave or Interstate 93. The cameras capture license plate images which will allow MassDOT to bill vehicle owners who do not have an E-ZPass transponder.

Fast forward to March 2015, and the MassDOT/RMV is beginning to work on the issue of unpaid Tobin Bridge tolls and invoices. The following is how MassDOT/RMV will handle this issue:

1. MassDOT will mark registrations as non-renewable for all outstanding/unpaid Tobin Bridge invoices.

2. MassDOT will notify the registered owner by mail four (4) times before marking the registration AND license of the registered owner as non-renewable.

3. Customers will be instructed to pay their invoices online at www.paybyplatema.com or to call PayBy Plate MA customer service assistance at 877.627.7745, option 1. Vehicle owners with marked registrations and licenses will not be able to renew their license or registration until all fees have been paid to MassDOT.

4. Customers who would prefer to make cash payments can pay their Pay by Plate MA invoices at retail cash payment locations. A convenience fee of $2.95 per Pay By Plate MA invoice payment will be charged.

MAIA Bulletin 2015-3 March 2015 • Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA)

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